Sounds like a plan

Sounds like a plan

Today I met with the builder for the first time and went through colours and the plans. And I have now signed and approved the entire colour selection. That’s right, all tiles, vinyl planks, bricks, roofing, window frames and paint. All have been selected and I have signed it off.

It only took 90 minutes! Well I looked through a few videos of previous builds when I was last talking with the seller/agent. But I essentially said “Everything in that video except I want to look at the flooring”. So I looked at the builders range of flooring last week and have locked everything in today.

Spoiler alert!

The following will show you what I am getting built, so if you prefer it to be a surprise, don’t go any further.


So here is that video. Difference will be the flooring, location, position on block, smaller property and no double gate (rollup garage door at the back of the garage to drive through instead).

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