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I’m in, and it feels good

I’m in, and it feels good

It has been a while since I’ve posted, and that is because I have been a busy boy.

First Week

Got the keys on the 14th, had the pest spray that day, both inside and out. Electricity was already on, but had the account activated. Tuesday was the NBN day, so spent the afternoon with the contractor and getting my network all set up. Every day up till Friday, I was moving boxes from storage, was trying to have most of them done. The removalists were first thing Friday, so everything from storage was moved and I put my notice in for the shed.

Friday I was able to sort some rooms into some semblance of organisation, and this was my first official everything. First time sitting down, first use of the toilet, first fart, first time watching TV, just first day in the house. The weekend was then spent organising most rooms and playing Tetris with some of the stuff in the shed.

Second Week

So, for whatever reason, I decided to build a new computer desk and a fish tank stand. And upon talking to one of my mates, they offered to help me weld for the first time. Instead of an all wood construction, the entire week was spent going into their shed to do metalworks, paint prep and then later in that week, woodwork. As it stands right now, I have the computer desk done and in use. But the fish tank stand still needs work.

Contractors that I had organised were able to come Friday, and spent the day fitting off my network points, installing my wall mounted speakers and preparing a few other things. So, once it was all certified at the end of the day, my network was fully operational, and speakers were tested ;-).

Intentionally blurry

Third Week

I was back at work, as my holiday had ended. But most days I was still doing my woodwork, and in general, continuing to sweat my ass off. On the weekend, I have taken a break from my woodworking to get the house almost finalised being set up.

Much bigger, and much more solid.

Forth Week

And I can’t ignore the wood forever, so I will need to get back into my woodworking, and hopefully amongst Tennis and Work, it should only take me 2 weeks to complete it. And, by that time, the blinds should be built and asking me when they can install.

More to come

I have plans to do a YouTube video, and there is obviously some more to update you on. So, expect some more details to come soon. Oh, and more photos of the house too, as the lawn intentionally looks like shit right now (only a few more days until I can mow it, unless this rain continues).

Ready to settle the bachelor pad

Ready to settle the bachelor pad

Many things have happened and been organised. Settlement date is the 14th, so not even a week away.

  • Mon 14th Settlement and Electricity
  • Tue 15th NBN Install and Dishwasher
  • Between move some stuff and hopefully finalise network, also some council bins
  • Fri 18th Removalist
  • Week or two later Blinds
Some finishing touches

Some finishing touches

Just a few things have been tidied up.

And this is how you get ants….

Clean and ready for me to enter

Clean and ready for me to enter

Yesterday the Form 21 was delivered, the final clean was done today and I was asked to confirm a final inspection with the builder for Friday.

So, if you don’t know what a Form 21 is, it is the building certification, declaring it built like a house. And today I received the practical completion notice. For all intents and purposes, my house warranty now starts. And I get to walk through with the builder to pick out any other issues before hand over. Now, back onto the Form 21, that triggers a requirement that my finance be finalised within 14 days. And upon finance approval, settlement will then be 14 days following.

Once I have a settlement date, I have a number of things to organise, including removalists, electricity, internet and many other things. Which, for a change, mean that all the things to get the house ready will not be the builders responsibility, but mine. It has been a year now, since I started I was given notice at my last rental, and that I started looking for a house to buy.

Either way, now it is clean, lets have another look around.

Kitchen looking schmick

The yard and alfresco, if you can brave the midgies

Some rooms, although very hard to see the whole room

And the other side of the house with the clothesline

Surrounded by Wood

Surrounded by Wood

So the fence is up with one gate, another to go. Bath arrived so that went in today. Hopefully the turf will be in tomorrow. And a few other things planned for this week and next. The assessor has been booked for next week. So hopefully settlement can occur by mid-February.

And some of the insulation hanging out on my roof, pointed out to me by some neighbours. Will mention that to the builder to get that cleaned up.

Carpet Muncher

Carpet Muncher

Yes, the carpet has been laid, that is what the title references.

And to look through the rooms.

And I have a feeling that the door and the alfresco door have been stained/oiled.

More Shafts

More Shafts

The remainder of the fence poles appear to have been installed. And also a look at the internal door handles. A measure and quote is booked for the blinds for next Monday, so that ball can get rolling, but expected 5 week turn-around. Which isn’t too bad.