Administration not Frame Erection

Administration not Frame Erection

So first of all, the title says it all, the frame has not gone up and is still sitting next to the slab due to shortages of carpenters. But I did have some updates on some administration. First of all, my corrected contract has been returned last week by the sellers conveyancer. Only a two month wait.

Secondly, the bank got in touch with my broker who advised me that they want the settlement to complete by 15th October 2021, otherwise they will need to submit a new First Home Owner grant application and Form 21. Which will cause delays. Currently with some time allowed for delays due to weather and so on, the scheduled settlement date is the 19th October 2021. So that is something, but those dates obviously don’t match up.

Just like my frame, that is now a waiting game. Once it gets closer, the builder will know if they will be meeting the banks settlement date or not and we can proceed from there. In the mean time, there have been many houses in the estate being built. Including my neighbour across the road, who last Friday got their frame, and then Monday their roof trusses up. This is a Hedges house, so it makes me hopeful that mine will be next.

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