We All Need a Break

We All Need a Break

There is a point where all of us can take it no more. Where every little thing just gets to your core. Everyone has this point and sometimes you don’t even realise it. But I can honestly say I am at this point. It’s not a bad thing, I know it is entirely normal. Everything at home and at work is getting to me and I am finding it hard to keep my cool. Now day to day I am usually 100% chill, but right now I’d say I’m about 20%. But overall it’s not because I am stressed or because I have anything major going on. I just need a break.

So this is exactly what I am doing. In good old Queensland we have a long weekend this weekend. But I am also using some of my annual leave to total 5 days off. It isn’t much but it should be enough. When you are in a place like this all you need is just a few days where you break up the norm. Break that routine. This just helps reset the mind and relax the soul. Now when you do take time off and you go on a holiday most people forget that it is taxing. Going away takes a lot of effort to prepare, do and catch up on everything when you get home. I always try to account for this and plan another couple of days. So in a round about way (no one seems to know how to use a roundabout by the way) I am saying I am going on a holiday.

It is something that I am really looking forward to, getting away from the norm but also doing something I have never done before. Going away to stay with and visit a friend while also going racing. Now don’t go getting your nickers in a knot. Not proper racing and nothing dangerous. Is it on a fully fledged race track? Yes. Is it with other cars? Yes (like over 50 at a time). Is it fast? On the main straight definitely. And with my own car too. This is part of why I feel so much excitement. The thought of getting out onto the track is getting my adrenaline pumping right now. But this is exactly what I need. Amongst the wealth of money I have and the small little stresses that are normal day to day. It has just built up to something that I need to do something about.

You just need to recharge the batteries from time to time. You can’t go through your life doing the same thing day in and day out without changing it up from time to time or doing something else to give yourself some excitement. As much as you may not realise it but everything that happens in your life that you have to deal with you don’t totally get sorted. There is always a little bit that remains. As in you might think or do something and come to a realisation or resolution but you usually have a little but that wishes it was different or worked out another way. Those little things just keep on adding and adding until you reach critical mass. When you get to this point you have no other way to deal with things. Imagine a drinking glass, and for every thing that happens you put a drop or splash of water in. Not everything is always contained but also it fills up. Once it reaches the top it just plashes all over the place.

By getting out and going away you give yourself a chance to reset, a chance to empty the glass even if it isn’t all the way. But the main thing is you just need to give yourself the chance to have time to yourself. Do the things in life that make you happy. And to give yourself time away from the norm. Oh and I’m going to be fucking ripping it up on a race track whoop whoop hopefully with Marty and Moog from MCM. Might live stream, might bother to do a video although I have a few waiting for me to edit. See you revved up and refreshed in a few days.

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  1. We all do need a break. Work is work, no matter how much you like your work, you need to take some time out and do things for you. Glad that you are doing it, and you’ll have a blast mingling with other rev heads at the MCM event you are going to. You look after you!

  2. Awww I know exactly what you’re saying James – take the time that you need to come back and face the world again – lots of love to you ??

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