Being as Slack as Feesh

Being as Slack as Feesh

So it has been a while since I have put any effort into anything other than the daily grime. I haven’t done any editing on videos, updating websites or obviously any blogs. I know, I know, what a lazy bastard. Hahaha however, I will get there. There are plenty of things I want to do and update and change [and and and]. There is the final episode of Ritty’s Adventure’s, it has been a while since there has been a Ritty’s Ramble and plenty of How To videos I want to do. The business website is also sitting there waiting for me to finish adding details. As well as other things around the house. But one day it will get done, I will do it.

Also around the house I have some new pets, a few actually. It started off simple, as it always does, just a couple, only a few. But then with the generosity of my mum and partner it was then destined to go a bit further. So I got some fish, just some Guppy’s and a Bristlenose in a 30L tank. Originally I was just using a small 3.5L tank that I used to have some scorpions in and just had 2 and 1 respectively. But I was gifted a brand new tank with filter/pump and LED lights all in a neat package. At first I wasn’t sure as I just wanted to keep it down low but of course I couldn’t.

What this meant however was the coffee table it is on is cheap and had warped without any weight on it. So I just jammed some wood pieces I had laying around into place to put it back into shape and give it support in the middle. Then there was the tank, had to clean up a lot more rocks to use as substrate, treat a lot more water and move the fish and hope that it would all settle nicely. And as it was a larger tank I then wanted to get some more fish. As of right now there are 7 Guppy’s and still one Bristlenose. All pets also require a name so I went with characters from one of my favourite animated TV shows Archer and there are a couple of hidden jokes within. In the picture below both Barry’s names are cut off.

Also Mum and Partner also donated a heater with thermostat to ensure it doesn’t get too cold with the coming winter. And to keep an eye on them I spent a night setting up one of my spare Raspberry Pi’s with a program called motion to do a livestream so I can enjoy them any time, rather than only having the evenings and a short amount of time to see them and enjoy their ‘company’. This is on 24/7 but at night there is not enough light to see them. It is also available to anyone to view, so of course I am now going to share the link to you. and of course I called it FeeshCam, just because. It isn’t the best quality but it is enough that you can see them swimming around and most of the time be able to see the temperature is in the right range.

So in all honesty I haven’t been that lazy, just preoccupied. I have been also trying to get back into the gym which I’m sure a lot of people will know the struggle. So to help with my general fitness I have also done ParkRun for the first time and made it the whole way. I actually surprised myself, I managed it without too much struggle and did it in a decent time. 5KM in 28 minutes 38 seconds for someone who doesn’t run at all I think is great. So now to keep trying to go back to that and to fight the struggle with early mornings to go to the gym.

So that is where it all stands right now, new fish and plans to do great things. Just waiting for the motivation to do it. Which is probably the reason it isn’t happening.

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