Day: 4 November 2021

Well that was unexpected

Well that was unexpected

I received an email yesterday asking for me to select the grout colour for my bathrooms. I did no know that there were so many choices for the glue that holds the tiles. And why, you might ask, oh that is just because the tiler was in yesterday and today.

Main Bathroom

And that isn’t all, I saw that the brick work is almost done.

The side bricks

That is really good to see, and the weather hopefully has been dry enough for all that rain to have evaporated away.

So, is that all very exciting? Most definitely it is. But I had one more surprise, it appears they have been super busy this week, and they also have done some cabinetry!!!!

Front bricks that will be covered in render

There you go, lets see what they can do on the last day of this week, much more?